About the Reverends

At Reverend by Request, this is our mission, as well as our profession. We are not part time ministers performing weddings on the weekend as a hobby; we are Full-time Ministers who have performed hundreds of Weddings, Vow Renewals, and Baptisms over the years.

We provide many different types of wedding ceremonies, so you can choose to have a traditional or non-traditional wedding, a non-denominational wedding, an inter-faith wedding, a civil ceremony or you may choose to elope.

Reverend Gary

Reverend Phillip Mazio

I am the eldest of three children born in Chicago.  My family has always been very religious; I remember spending Sundays as well as holidays in church.  As a child, I found myself entranced during the services; I felt God’s presence and knew this was my calling.

Through the years, I always found myself ministering in some shape or form.  I’ve ministered to family and friends, co-workers and employees, as well as to people in need that I have just met.  I truly delight in serving others and it is my pleasure to minister to people during their milestone events.  I have been told that others find me personable, loving, compassionate, and kind.  To me, listening is a key part while I serve others. During the journey of my life, I was Ordained and learned that I could fulfill my dream and become a minister of God.  My life is now full and blessed.  Now I believe that I am using the talent that God has given me.  I am able to join two people who are in love in holy matrimony, bless their new home and new arrival, council through challenging times, and help say goodbye to loved ones.

Through these years, I have also come across many ideas to share on how to make those special moments memorable.  Together we can work to create the perfect complement of elements that reflect your wishes.  My desire is to ensure that what I do honors you and those you love.

Reverend David

Reverend Andrew Danaher

I am an Ordained Minister and truly love to work with people.  Even as a child I wanted to be involved in the church.  I was an Altar Boy in a Chicago Parish from age 7 and performed my duties well into my teens.  As a child I also attended Cub Scouts and worked my way up to an Eagle Scout.

I so much enjoy being a Minister because it combines what I love to do – interacting with children and adults, supporting and counseling people, creative writing, public speaking and having the power to transform engaged couples into husband and wife as well as blessing a child or adult through a Baptism.

I have also found that one of my greatest talents is organization and detail.  I’ve enjoyed organizing my home and office, and now I have directed this talent into helping couples fine tune their special days.  I offer couples my services for their Rehearsal and Wedding as a Coordinator.  Many are grateful because they have found that I am able to do what they couldn’t.

When I am not acting in a Ministerial role, I usually spend my down time volunteering at or attending Church; watching a comedy or cooking show on TV, and spending time with family and friends.